Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov. 24th - nearshore grouper fun

Quick trip today with two of my favorite guys aboard. Mike and his dad wanted to catch some of the grouper and snappers which are close to the beach for dinner and well that turned out to be the right choice.
With a one Gag grouper per person limit, we were looking for White grunts to go with our grouper, that is where the problem started. After putting a pair of nice 18 pound gags on the box we went looking for Grunts and had to just keep releasing grouper 17 of them that would swim back down along with a pair of American Red snapper that are closed. we did manage a 40 grunt limit and had a nice ocean for the ride home. Used just one reel today, BX-500N they do alot of work on my boat between jigging and bottom fishing.

Nov. 21st - Gulf Stream bottom fishing

Had a great group from a NC state fishing club based in Winston-Salem. They had invited me to speak back in the spring and we set up a trip for the summer, well after three postponed dates we finally got the weather to relax and went fishing.

With the idea to learn to jig and with the need to fill a freezer or two we headed offshore. The day started slow on the troll looking for fish to later jig on, with only one strike and a Black fin tuna on board we moved and jigged for a while with still slow results. A few Amberjacks and Almaco jacks were all that botherd to eat the jigs. With a quick trip inshore we pulled up on what would change the day, a nice coral bottom in 150 feet of water looked good on the bottom machine. I had a small jig tied on and one of the guys sent it down to find out what was home. Oh yes Grey triggerfish, big ones and they were ready to eat. After anchoring the boat we proceeded to work on them, and added a few Red porgies, White grunts, and some really nice red grouper. The action was fast so only got a pic of the aftermath. Great way to fill a freezer with tasty bottom fish.

With all the techniques used there is a lot of equipment today SR-30, SR-20, SR-12, BX2-30, BX-500N, BX-600N, BX-400

Nov. 20th - mixed bag offshore

I didn't get a lot of pictures on this trip mainly because it was a pretty busy day, started off jigging of course, but that action was slow, very slow, so the good always take what is available, so on to trolling lures at 8 knots. That seemed to be a better choice, we had a 55 pound wahoo eat the planer rod first thing and that was followed by 30 mins of Black fin tuna on all the lures. We had a dozen tuna quick when that bite died, so we moved again. This time we pushed inshore to catch some bottom fish, we had to pick on them but had a nice catch of Red grouper, White grunts, Grey triggerfish, and red porgies. Overall it was a great day with lots of fish and beautiful weather. We used a mix of reels for this trip BX2-30, ATD-50N, SR-30, SR-20, BX-500N, BX-400.

Nov. 19th - Combo trolling/jigging charter

Well what hppens when you land your first amberjack and it happens to be your largest fish ever, thats right you have to lay beside it to show how big it really is! This was a quick trip thanks to miss information from the weather man, but while we were there we did some damage.

Nice Amber jacks and False albacore where the majority of the catches and one Black fin tuna. we only had about four hours of fishing before having to retreat to the marina, leaving behind a nasty rising ocean.

Can't wait til the water gets colder to thin out the sharks, this is what happens when you pull hard the Amberjack pulls hard and the shark just has to open his mouth. We used SR-30, SR-20, and BX-500 reels on this day.

Nov. 15th - Marine Warehouse Crowd

What a day, had the pleasure of having the guys from Marine Warehouse Center on board, after they hooked up the boat with the new Honda motors. All I can say is the weather must have been sent from heaven. Perfect november day warm slick ocean and the fish were ready to eat.

We pulled up to the first stop and with jigs ready the bottom machine showed the marks of tuna, and the jigs found them, 21 on them and some of them were very nice for the early season. With everyones muscles burning the tuna slowed and we moved around looking for more to pull on. well very close by we found a weed line and temp break where we pulled 11 mahi off of a floating tree.

Once all the mahi were stowed we made our way to a deep drop spot in 430 feet of water and found some really big sub tropical species including the top picture of a White Trevally, and this pretty large Rainbow runner.

With a great day always comes great surprises so before we ran the 70 miles to home we got the treat of watching a 35 foot fin whale basking in the sun and giving us several fluke shots. Excellent day with great people. Reels used SR-30, SR-20, SR-12, BX-500, BX-600.

Nov. 14th - offshore with Duke

Well if the clothes don't tell you I will, this was a group of students from Duke university, soe who have jigged offshore and some rookies. I can say the day was a mix of good and bad, we caught fish and had a great time but the sharks where not very kind and took a lions share of the fish we hooked. Of the landed species, we had some decent Black fin tuna, Almaco jacks, Amberjacks and False Albacore.

Trying to beat the sharks became the real fight and the guys put the tackle to the test as I gave them a little extra drag, the proof is in the pull! We used a mix of spinning and conventional tackle SR-30, SR-20, BX-500, and BX-600.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct. 30th - inshore

With all the wind this week I ran a rare inshore trip for a good client who wanted to have a fun day on the water with a friend from out of state. Well the trout gave a good showing and we worked a little a found some drum to go along. Kept a few fish to eat and released lots of trout and drum and bluefish.